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SPORECLEAR - The next Evolution in Disinfection

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Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant Wet Wipe and Concentrate with Claims: AUST R 282169 & AUST R 282170 SporeClear is Sporicidal, Bactericidal, Fungicidal and Tuberculocidal 

One dilution,1 contact time for all claims. 

SporeClear is unique as all claims are achieved in a 1 minute contact time and SporeClear deactivates a very broad spectrum of pathogens in less than one minute including Sporicidal efficacy to log 6. TB, Hepatitis B & C, C-Diff Spores, Bacillus Subtilis Spores, MRSA, HIV in 1 minute contact time/ standing Time. 

All claims for SporeClear efficacy are based on testing in independent, World-class labs to the correct EN and other internationally recognized standards. All testing was performed in soiled conditions demonstrating that Sporeclear works in the presence of organic matter. SporeClear's cleaning and disinfection action is simultaneous and its efficacy is unaffected by the presence of soiling.

Stocks available soon. Product Information.


Arrowpack's main goal is to implement as much knowledge as possible into their new innovative products.

Push Dye Test: 

A new generation of ink test for routine testing of integrety of seals produced by heat sealers. With this test you can easily, quickly and safely perform an ink test according to ISO 11607-1. Available for paper laminates and tyvek.

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View video of Dye Test in action.

pT Tester:

The first, double check indicator for two most critical parameters on your sealing device, temperature and pressue.

pT tester is a unique dual parameter check for routine and daily monitoring of your sealing device performance. Complies to ISO EN 11607-2 requirements.

Used in conjunction with the Push Dye Test to ensure complete integrety of your sterile barrier system.

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View video here.


The safest and most effective protective packaging system for trays and all of other wrapped packs for all types of steam sterilzation cycles. Reinforces, protects, eliminates burst packs, reduces the need for tape.

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Watch how it is done.


IT solutions: Belintra roll-it

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Electronic medical records are becoming increasingly important, access to patient medical records can be consulted and updated at the patient's bedside or throughout the hospital. The workstation guarantees a continuous mobile link with the clinical data. Roll-IT is height adjustable and can be used in siting or standing positions. Roll-IT can easily be coupled onto a Medicart at anytime allowing direct access to patient medical records while distributing medication.

See our link below Medicart-IT video which also highlights the Roll-IT.


Stericart Small, Medicart it and Medicart colours

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NEW MEDICART.jpgkleuren.jpg

The "Small" version of the standard Medicart has the same sleek and unique look. Made form the same carefully selected and durable materials that have been quality tested, The design of the Medicart Small is based on a new concept of 12 drawer positions that you can configure any way you want, fitting baskets based on (300 x 400mm) in depths of 50, 100 and 200 mm high. The smaller dimensions make these carts highly maneouverable and user-friendly.

For the brochure click here. For the full range of accessories.

Medicart IT, access to EMR (Electronic Medical Record) on the ward is becoming increasingly important. Locking medication carts and monitoring the administration of medication assures full traceablity and security on the ward. Belintra offers various locking options. For carts equipped with IT, this is implemented using USB control via the PC to grant access through a badge, password or other identification methods.

Medicart IT video presentation here. Brochure.

Medicart Drawers, The design of the next generation Medicar with drawers is based on a new concept of 12 drawer positions that can be tailored to your individual needs. Mulitfunctional, modular cart with numerous options in configuration and applications. You also have a choice of different colours for the drawers and one single colour for the body panels.

Detailed Brochure explaining the Medicart Range.



Med-Con and Nurel Medikal have partnered to offer a comprehensive range of drapes and procedure packs. Specializing in providing solutions with consultation to design, create and provide products and procedure packs customized to your requirements. If your procdure packs are not giving you quite what you require, contact Med-Con to see what we can do for you. For a overview brochure, please click here. Find out more about Nurel Medikal.


Polystar 981 dsm

981 DSM 3 - Stand 03-04-14.jpg

Controlled Sealing Processes according to DIN EN ISO 11607-2


Whenever validated sealing processes are needed. Define all-important parameters usimg the alpha-numeric keyboard and monitor all sealing procrsses with the In-Process-Check at a glance. The sealing processes are printed directly on the package or stored on an USB menory stick or via RS232 interface on your PC.


  • conforms according to DIN EN ISO 11607-2, EN 868 AND DIN 58953
  • casing made of Stainless Steel
  • crimp seam width of 15mm
  • adjustable temperature 50 - 199oC
  • automatic monitoring of sealing parameters through In-Process-Check
  • audible and visual warnings when exceeding defined tolerances
  • documentation by printing (as an option) or storing on an USB or RS 232 interface
  • digital piece counter
  • acessories: s/s table or roller conveyer and dot matrix printer.

Download PDF here.

Belintra - Hospital Logistics

 see Belintra's expertise on impoving all aspects of sterile goods handling here.

Belintra Sterisystem (TM) : Safeguarding sterility and patient safety with optimised logistics

Most desirable are flexible modular systems that can be added to easily and the ability to store small and large packages in a combination of baskets and shelves. It is essential that a system facilitates the prevention of damage or contamination to the product or its packaging. Ideal shelving units should be easy to clean, allow good air ventilation and minimize the possiblilty for dust or lint collection. Conforming to AS 4187 is of the highest importance.

Also worth considering are the choice of material and surface treatment of the system to ensure it is capable of withstanding the cleaning process and disinfectant materials. Take into account the possibility to use identification systems and build the logistics system with transport trolleys to suit.

Ergonomics should be considered, telescopic guides on frame for the storage of heavily loaded baskets.

Preventing cuts, tears and holes in wrapped instrument trays and ensuring sterility of surgical instruments all the way from sterilization to storage to surgery, can be a challenge.

With Belintra's Sterisystem solution you reduce touchpoints to two: Assembly and Surgery and avoid avoid stacking of instrument trays onto each other. This results in dramatically improved sterility integrity, increased productivity and reduced costs.

Belintra's UBeFlex system is a modular flexible system which will make the most of any storage area and maximize efficency of storage. The new system has the capcity to to utilized as a "pass-through" to be acessed from both side. View a short video on the new UBeFlex range.

Please see our downloads page for the full Belintra Catalogue and brochures or view the range on the Belintra website.


Reno Plasma Sterilizers

New modeles S20 and S90 available now. S20 is perfect for users that require a compact model to suit their needs. Eg: Day Surgery, Dental and Orthodontic practices, Eye Surgery and Veterinary. Fast turn around time, Eco cycle 21 min, Advanced cycle 38 minutes.

The S90 with a usable volume of 80L is a good mid size unit for smaller hospitals.

Reno Plasma Sterilizers incorporate new plasma technology developed by Renosem engineers to create an extremely penetrating and effective sterilizing cycle. Combining Radical Plasma with DBD (dielectric barrier discharge) plasma technology, maximizing H2O2 radical effect and sterilization efficacy and Abatement Plasma that breaks down the H2O2 into water vapour and oxygen. Reno Plasma Sterilizers have a user friendly interface of a wide coloured touch screen  that displays functional and real-time cycle information. 

The chamber is rectangular creating a usable volume of more than 90% and made of solid acid proof high grade stainless steel that makes it a breeze to clean.