Solutions for Bio-Security

Stericlin Informs (PDF)
Facts regarding processing and how to use Stericlin medical packaging. Paper laminates.
Stericlin Blue Line Range (PDF)
Medical packaging laminate with non-woven backing
Know Your Underpad (PDF)
What should you look for in regards to a quality underpad.
Credit Card Payment Form (PDF)
Form for credit card purchases
Virkon How to Mix and FAQ (PDF)
Step by step Virkon mixing information and common questions.
Virkon Powder SDS 2018 (PDF)
Material Safety Data Sheet for Virkon Products - 76kb
Belintra - UbeFlex storage system compliance with AS 4187. (PDF)
Details on how the UbeFlex storage system meets the requirements of AS 4187
Hytek Drape Range (PDF)
Med-Con and Nurel have partnered to offer a comprehensive range of drapes and procedure packs.
Product List 2017 (PDF)
Complete listing of all products, colour and packaging details.
Med-Con May 2018 Catalogue (PDF)
Latest Product Catalogue
Medical Packaging compliance information with ISO 11607 (PDF)
Information regarding ISO 11607 compliance for Paper Laminate Packaging and checks that you should be looking for.
Reno S20 Model (PDF)
Compact Reno Plasma Steriliser Unit.
Storage Conditions of Sterilope and Guardian Autoclave Bags (PDF)
Outlines of storage and shelf life of Sterilope and Guardian autoclve bags
Renosem Plasma Sterilizer Testimonials (PDF)
Belintra Sterisystem Instrument Baskets (PDF)
Major points to quality features of Belintra Instrument baskets.
NEW UbeFlex Hospital Storage System (PDF)
UbeFlex a new innovative and flexible racking system
Renosem Plasma Sterilizers Presentation (PDF)
Main points about the Reno and DBD Plasma generation
Belintra Sterisystem (PDF)
Snapshot of the range of solutions Belintra has for storage and transport around the hospital.
Polystar 981 DSM (PDF)
Controlled Sealing Processes according to DIN EN ISO 11607-2
Description of Medicart Small
Belintra Hospital Logistics and Sterisystem Catalogue (PDF)
Full range of Belintra products.
VP Stericlin Catalogue 2017 (PDF)
Current range and information on VP Stericlin Products
Description of all available accessories for Medicart Small
Medicart IT (PDF)
Brochure on new Medicart IT.
Belintra Catalogue - Medication, Distribution and IT Solutions (PDF)
Belintra Catalogue Part 2- Mobile Workstation (PDF)
Belintra Catalogue Part 3- Modules and Baskets (PDF)
Belintra Catalogue - CSSD-SPD and Operating Theatre (PDF)
Belintra Catalogue Part 5- Storage (PDF)
Belintra Catalogue Part 6-Internal Transport (PDF)
Reno Presentation 1 (PDF)
Virkon SDS Tablets 2018 (PDF)
Technical Data Sheet Stericlin Paper Laminate Pouches and Rolls (PDF)
Facts about Stericlin Pouches and Rolls Product Description Sterilization Suitability Statutory Requirements Properties etc.
Medicart Detailed Brochure (PDF)
Roll-IT (PDF)
Details on the innovative Belintra Roll-IT
Belintra Stericart for internal transportation. Washing tunnel resistant
Belintra Sterisytem closed stainless steel carts (PDF)
Can be cleaned in tunnel washers, ideal for transport of sterile instruments and contaminated instruments back to the sterilizing unit.
Virkon Tablet SDS (PDF)
SDS for tablet version of Virkon
Drying Instructions for Sterisystem Closed S/S Carts (PDF)
Guide for Indicators (PDF)
Chemical Indicators (CI) for sterilization control Guide with Terms, Standards and Type identification Information updated: March 2017.